STC - SAWA Promo

To all Al-jawal (STC) pinoy users in Saudi Arabia there’s good news for everyone. STC announces its biggest Sawa offer yesterday. An extra credit of every recharge card you buy in denominations of 350, 130, 75.

Recharge Card ----Total Credit
350 SR------------666 SR
130 SR------------200 SR
75 SR-------------100 SR

***This offer is valid for three months starting 24 October 2009.

This promo is of STC’s initiative to all subscribers giving back the long friendly relationship among STC and consumer. So hurry kabayan, let’s call our love ones in Philippines. You can also transfer credit load to Philippines from your cell phone. Just simply text 133*cell number*1 and send to 801500. Good for SMART/Globe users. Example (133*00639281111110*1) send to 801500. Note *1 is worth 300 pesos received by recipient and 30SR will be deducted to your balance. Please see for more denominations. Load now and share it in the Philippines. It’s not the load you give, it’s the thought that counts! Pasa-Load na!

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  1. List of service codes offered by STC Sawa prepaid mobile telecom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Farhan says:

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